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5 Big SEO Predictions to know right now

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SEO is an ever-changing technology that helps people getting the best results from online marketing and retailing. Besides, these changes can be both good and bad for your firm. To make sure you get the most out of SEO Auckland, we have listed the top predictions. 

Explore those predictions right below. 

  • UX is the next big thing 

As many of us have seen it already that user experience is becoming a major factor, it will still keep on the focal point for the coming years. It doesn’t mean you need an advanced website design. All you have to do is just ensure that your website is easily accessible. Apart from the technical part of the website, the marketing professionals need to focus on website traffic analysis as well. It means the marketing professionals need to know how their users are interacting with a web page.    

With a better user experience, you can derive more traffic to the site and retain your customers for a longer time. Focus on the speed of the website and quality of content t provide a better experience to your users. 

  • Get ahead of the time with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

Google used to rank the well-optimised websites for desktops. Now things are changed. Now we need to optimise our website for mobile devices as well. Mobile indexing is the priority of Google and the websites which can be opened easily on both desktop and mobile devices. So if you haven’t optimised your website for mobile devices, start doing it right now.   

  • SEO can predict what you want

Soon, the day is near when you would not require to type a keyword to look for a content. Search engine would automatically detect the content that you are looking for with the help of artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and various other smart technologies. Any leading SEO Company would suggest you to make your website ready for this so that it become compatible with these changes. 

  • Voice Search & SEO

We already know various voice search features such as Siri, Alexa, “Ok Google”, etc. Those days are not far when voice search would take a user to specific content. Google will answer all your queries with just a single voice command. You might need to add the heading of your pages in the question-and-answer form. You might see a voice and text display of the content.   

  • SEO & AI

Artificial Intelligence is the biggest part of modern technology. SERPs use feature snippet to find relevant content which matches user’s requirement. We could see an upgrade in this and see unauthentic content automatically getting removed from SERP. 

So if you want to escalate your brand and increase traffic at your website, snippet can be a deal-breaker for your SEO strategy. 

These were the major SEO predictions that can change the way we are working right now. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Hire the Best SEO in Auckland agency and get ready for the future. 

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