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5 Frequently Asked Questions for Skip Bins Hire Answered


The most effective way to find a reliable Skip Hire Prices Christchurch service is to ask the question as per your requirement. To make the most out of the service as well as get the value of your investment.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers for a mini skip hire Christchurch or any size of skip bin hire

How to tell if you landed a good skip company?

It’s nearly impossible to know if you’re working with a trustworthy firm until they arrive at your door. Customers will always be enticed by outstanding service and affordable rental pricing from skip bin providers. This is a widespread practice in the market, yet the vast majority of businesses fail to deliver on their promises of consumer happiness.

To get the most bang for your buck, you should educate yourself on how to skip bin rental companies operate, as well as the regular problems they face as garbage management and removal services.

Where can the skip bin be placed?

The location of the bin can be requested by the client. However, the final placement is at the discretion of the driver. This is due to concerns about safety. Skip bins and micro skip bins can be placed anywhere on your property as long as the vehicle can get to it. Driveways, front gardens, backyards, and over-low fences are examples of these regions.

Unfortunately, without council clearance, bins cannot be placed on council property such as roads, walkways, or medium strips.

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What happens if I overfill the bin?

If a skip is overfilled, you will be given the choice of renting another skip or having the surplus material removed. The labour costs would with be incurred or not as per the company.

If the excess is not removed and the skip is left for an extended period of time, the client will be responsible for additional expenses such as rental, labour, and additional transportation fees if we are required to offload the excess.

What type of waste not to put in the skip bin?

Hazardous garbage is not permitted to be placed in the skip bin. Paints, solvents, liquids, food, decaying materials, and asbestos are examples of materials that fall within this category.

If you have any of these materials that need to be disposed of, contact your local government, and they will take you to the appropriate location. Mattresses, televisions, tyres, and computer monitors may incur additional charges in some locations; contact us to find out if your area is excluded or liable for these fees.

Will The Bin Damage My Drive?

If you’re worried about causing damage to the driveway, put down some timber bearers and place the bin on top of them, or request for a municipal permit if the property doesn’t allow any other access.

Please keep in mind that the mini skip hires Christchurch trucks are large and even more so while picking up the bins, so make sure the driveway and lawn areas are not exposed to the truck’s high weight.

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