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7 Best (Free) Sitemap Generator Tools To Help You Create Your Site’s Map

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A sitemap is a must-have for any website and crucial for SEO Sydney. It’s a map of your site that shows the structure and hierarchy of your pages, and search engines can use it to index your content. Thankfully, there are plenty of great (and free) sitemap generator tools available online.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at seven of the best sitemap generators.

1. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is one of the prominent (and free) sitemap generator tools out there. This Java-based tool crawls your website, automatically indexing every page and creating a sitemap. It also extracts key information from each page, like the page title, description and target keywords. It can help you to identify any potential SEO Sydney issues on your website.

2. is a popular sitemap generator that is free to use. You need to input your website’s URL, and the tool will generate a sitemap for you. The resulting sitemap will be in XML format, which is the most common format for sitemaps. also offers a paid subscription that gives you additional features such as automatic submission to Google and Bing and the ability to export your sitemap to PDF or Excel.

3. Slickplan

Out of all the site map generator tools out there, Slickplan is one of our favourites. It’s simple to use and makes creating and managing your website’s map a breeze. Plus, it’s free! With Slickplan, you can create sitemaps in both treeview and listview formats and export your sitemap to PDF or Excel. You can also collaborate with team members and clients, which is perfect for larger projects.

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4. Flowmapp

When it comes to creating a sitemap for your website, Flowmapp is one of the best (free) options. It’s easy to use and lets you quickly create a map of your website’s pages. Plus, you can export your sitemap to PDF or Excel for further editing or sharing. Another great feature is that Flowmapp integrates with Google Analytics to easily see how your visitors are interacting with your website. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, free sitemap generator, Flowmapp is a great choice.

5. Google XML Sitemaps (plugin)

Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin for WordPress that helps you create and submit your website’s sitemap to Google. This plugin is easy to use and helps you keep your website’s sitemap updated. After installing the plugin, simply enter your website’s URL and click “Create Sitemap.” The plugin will automatically create a sitemap for you and notify Google of any changes you make to your website.

6. Inspyder Sitemap Creator

Inspyder Sitemap Creator is a desktop application that you can quickly create a sitemap for your website. It’s easy to use and lets you add images and priority levels to your pages. The resulting sitemap is formatted in XML, so it’s easy to upload to your website’s server.

7. GlooMaps

GlooMaps is a powerful yet easy-to-use sitemap generator that can help you create a map of your website in minutes. It’s free to use and doesn’t require you to sign up for an account. Simply enter the URLs for the pages on your site, and GlooMaps will generate a sitemap for you. You can then download the map as a PDF or export it to XML, HTML or Google Sheets.

All things considered,
A sitemap is a must-have for any website, but it can be time-consuming to create one on your own. We’ve put together the listicle of the seven best (free) sitemap generator tools per the SEO Sydney experts in the industry. These tools will help you quickly and easily create a professional-looking sitemap for your website.

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