Data Acquisition
Data Acquisition

A Basic Introduction Of The Test And Measurement Tools

Data Acquisition

There are lots of machines in the category of the test and measurement tools, and people don’t know about how they work or what are they actually? First of all, we understand the Pitot Static tester and then data acquisition tool.

  1. Pitot Static Tester

The Pitot test unit is usually used to verify the instrumentation of some data and it can do the interconnection of the different system.

To measure the airspeed, the correct functioning of the tester is necessary.  The unit is also useful for problem-solving of flight control, pressurization and autopilot control systems.

Considering this equipment, when you use this to solve problems you would like to have the unit in the cabin while the tests are being done. The pivot tester involves  numerous test hose segments to reach the static port, but direct observation of the aircraft’s indications for comparison is preferred.

 A Digital equipment- this tester more tolerant than older components, that’s why it is used in the mechanical field for the measurement.

What it can do?

  • The airspeed indication is derived from the pitot (pressure) and static inputs.
  • If there is no difference between the pitot and static pressures, the airspeed will remain at 0.

Useful Tips for Pitot Static Tests

  • Sometimes the automatic modes can’t work properly, and so for that still prefer to go with the RVSM modes of the digital testers.
  • Don’t try to replace the data because it is very expensive to replace the data in the tester.
  • If you are not completely familiar with an automatic test unit, do not use it.
  • It leaks sometimes, so cannot be verified with the test configuration or the aircraft. For that cover the associated parts.
  • When you are observing the airspeed indicators in the cabin, apply pressure to simulate a rapid ascent of the speed.
  • Data Acquisition Tool

Data acquisition means to collect the signals from measurement sources and then digitizing the signals for storage, analysis and presentation on a PC.

The acquisition of data starts with the physical phenomenon to be measured. This could be anything like,- the temperature of a room,- the pressure inside a chamber, -the intensity of a light source,-the force applied to an object or many other things.

This systems come in many different forms and offer flexibility when choosing your system. You can choose between  so many different applications such as, 

  • PCI
  • PXI,
  • PCI Express,
  • PXI Express,
  • USB,
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet data acquisition

Things are included in the tool,

  • Signs
  • Transducers and sensors
  • Signal conditioning
  • Controller and application software
  • DAQ hardware
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