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Creative Ideas For Improving Office Acoustics


The workplace is changing. Companies are looking for ways to keep their employees engaged and motivated, in order to drive innovation and foster creativity. best quality office interior design sydney company is one of the crucial factors that contribute to employee motivation, but one of the most important is psychological design.

It’s no secret that we spend a huge amount of time at work—often more than we do with our families. These days, employers want employees who will innovate and stay engaged throughout the day rather than sitting at their desk doing nothing.

That’s where psychological design comes into play: Creating an environment where people feel comfortable, relaxed and happy while they’re working can help them get more done (and be happier) during those long hours behind a computer screen.

Top 4 Creative Ideas For Improving Office Acoustics

Flexible spaces

Flexible spaces are an important part of employee motivation, morale, retention and engagement. If your are looking to upgrade your Office Interior Design Sydney then make sure you make a flexible space for the employee.

Flexible workspaces can be used to support collaboration and meetings. Examples include the following:

  • A library where you can go to read or study on your own time;
  • An open-plan office where employees sit together in one room but have the option to create their own environment with dividers or screens;
  • A nook or corner area where people can relax during lunchtime.

Sensory stimulation

Office Interior Design SydneySensory stimulation can boost employee engagement and satisfaction. Sensory stimulation is the way we take in information about our environment through our senses. It is part of what makes us feel good or bad, and it can have a huge impact on performance.

The most important types of sensory stimulation are visual, auditory, and olfactory (smell).

Visual stimuli include everything from natural light to posters decorating the office walls; auditory stimuli include music playing over speakers or employees chatting with one another; olfactory stimuli might come from scented candles or fragrant flowers placed throughout the workplace.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is a concept that involves incorporating nature into the workplace. It has been shown to increase worker productivity and creativity and reduce stress levels. Here are some examples:

  • An employee lounge with a large window facing out over lush trees
  • A meditation room with soothing sounds of flowing water
  • Natural light in the office


A few years ago, researchers found that connectivity is the most important factor affecting employee satisfaction and productivity. Consult Office Interior Design Sydney experts to ensure you fulfil the basic requirements of the office.

Connectivity can be achieved through technology; for example, employees are more likely to stay connected with their work when they have access to a computer or mobile device at all times of day.

But connectivity also comes from natural elements like plants and water features that bring nature inside the office space. And it comes from social interactions—face-to-face conversations with co-workers outside of scheduled meetings.


The goal of any workplace should be to create an environment that makes people feel connected, motivated and inspired.

 Design psychology can help achieve this goal by providing insights into how our brains process information, which shapes our perception of spaces and how they influence our behaviour.

The more we understand about ourselves as humans, the better equipped we are to design environments that support optimal productivity in the office.

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