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How do YouTube Metrics Really Help Boost Your SEO?

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YouTube is a fantastic platform for marketers, but before you start committing your money or time to the video-hosting website, it’s important to know what helps your video get found. From this article, you’ll find out the best figures to use when auditing your YouTube video stats and why treating YouTube like social media is the key creative selling point for all content creators.

How do YouTube metrics really help boost your SEO Brisbane?

YouTube is an increasingly popular video platform used by millions of users to share their thoughts and videos with the world. Because of this, many businesses use YouTube as a means to market their products or services. However, using YouTube alone might not be enough to achieve optimal SEO results – your video’s metrics (views, likes, subscribers) can actually play a crucial role in your success. Here’s what you need to know about YouTube metrics: 

-Views: Views show how many people have watched your video at least once. The more views you accumulate, the higher your organic search ranking will be.

-Likes: Liking your video encourages other people to check it out. Similar to views, likes also make your video rank higher in organic search results. 

-Subscribers: Having a large number of subscribers demonstrates that your video is popular and engaging. This tips the scales in your favor when it comes to landing Google Adsense ads or sponsored videos.

What is the importance of titles?

The titles of your videos are one of the most important factors in your SEO. They are what people see when they search for information about your blog or video on Google. Make sure to use keywords throughout the title, and make it catchy so people will want to watch it. Also, make sure the video description is well-written and includes keywords.

seo brisbane
What are the advantages of using thumbnails in videos?

There are a few reasons why you might want to include thumbnail images in your videos. Some potential benefits include:

– increasing video viewership and engagement; 

– bettering your SEO since videos with thumbnails are displayed more prominently on search engines; and 

– creating memorable, shareable content.

When it comes to increasing viewership, using thumbnails can really help. Viewers tend to watch videos with larger thumbnail images more than those with smaller ones, which can lead to an increase in engagement. Viewers watch more of your video when they see a thumbnail, but they also tend to share it more. This means that even if someone just watches the first few seconds of your video, they’re probably going to spread the word around and unfortunately for you, that might be all it takes for someone else to stumble across your video and click “play”.

As far as SEO is concerned, including thumbnails in your videos is a must. Not only will search engines display your thumbnail images more prominently when users perform a search on your name or keyword, but Thumbnails also act as an index page for videos on your channel. This means that anybody who views a thumbnail.

How can YouTube position movies correctly on the Google search page?

Google and YouTube are two of the most popular search engines in the world. With Google being the king and YouTube being second in command, it makes perfect sense that both would be interested in how movies are ranked on their respective pages. In this blog post, we will be exploring how exactly YouTube metrics can help your overall SEO progress. 

First of all, you need to start by understanding that Google cannot rank videos based on popularity (unless they’re embedded YouTube videos). Instead, they use video “quality signals” to calculate a film’s ranking. Positioning on the first page for a given keyword is one way to achieve a high ranking for a movie. 

The two main factors that influence how prominently a movie appears on Google search results pages are:

 1) total monthly visits from users.

 2) engagement rate – which is calculated as the percentage of views that lead to interactions such as leaving comments, subscribing to a channel, or rating the movie.

How do these metrics impact your SEO? When a user lands on your website after searching for a specific keyword phrase associated with your movie, whether it’s in an organic or paid search campaign, you want them to be on the website for a while.


YouTube is a platform that is loved by those who use it, meaning that organic search results are going to be boosted. According to Google, over 85 percent of all visits to their Search engine result from organic searches. In other words, if your content is good enough, your website visitors will find you organically.

Secondly, as long as your videos are monetising well and you’re using tracking tools (which every business should), you’ll be able to see which videos are performing best and which ones need work. Once you’ve identified these top performers, make sure they continue to get pumped out while the others are tweaked accordingly.

YouTube metrics can also help with click-through rates (CTRs), which is another important Local SEO company in Brisbane metric. Videos with high CTRs indicate that viewers click through from the video screen to your website or landing page beyond the initial video advertisement or thumbnail. 

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