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How to Create an Outdoor Area of Your Dreams with These Decking Ideas


If you’re looking to create the perfect outdoor area, there’s nothing better than a deck! Whether you’re starting from scratch or remodelling an existing space, here are 5 inspiring building Decking Australia ideas that will help you design the outdoor area of your dreams.

Idea 1: Add Some Seating Options

No matter what kind of Decking Australia look you’re going for, seating options are a must for entertaining guests and enjoying your outdoor space. You can opt for traditional benches and chairs, or go for something more creative like built-in seating or hammocks. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and provides ample space for guests to sit. Experts recommend adding at least two seats for every four feet of length in your deck. This will allow you to comfortably accommodate a large group without feeling cramped.

Idea 2: Incorporate Shade Solutions

You want to be able to enjoy your deck without having to worry about the sun beating down on you all day long. To keep cool and comfortable while still getting plenty of natural light and fresh air, consider incorporating some shade solutions into your design. This is where you must need to consider professional help. Experts can help you pick the right shade for your deck, whether it’s a pergola or something more creative. This will allow you to stay cool while still enjoying time outside with friends and family.

Decking Australia

Idea 3: Use Colourful Accents

Adding colourful accents is a great way to spruce up any outdoor area in style! Consider painting furniture pieces in bright hues, hanging up string lights around the perimeter of the deck, or adding planters filled with vibrant flowers and greenery. These small touches will bring life and personality to your backyard oasis.

Idea 4: Invest in Durable Materials

When building a deck, it’s important to invest in materials that are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear from everyday use. Opt for materials such as composite wood or aluminium which require very little maintenance yet are still both stylish and long-lasting. Working with professional contractors is also a great way to ensure that your deck will last for many years to come. They’ll be able to help you choose the right materials and design, as well as provide maintenance services when needed.

Idea 5: Install Lighting Solutions

The addition of lighting fixtures not only makes a deck look more attractive but also helps extend its use into the night time hours. Choose classic lanterns for a timeless look or modern LED lights for something more contemporary – either way, your outdoor area will be stunningly illuminated throughout the night!


Decks are a great way to create an inviting outdoor living space that you can enjoy all year round. With these 5 inspiring building Decking Australia ideas, you’ll be able to design the perfect outdoor area that fits both your style and budget! From seating solutions to lighting fixtures, there are plenty of ways to customize your dream backyard oasis – so start planning today!

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