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How to Ensure Safety When Having Cranes on Site?

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Cranes are an important asset when it comes to heavy lifting. Many industries including construction take the help of Crane Service Melbourne to do many of the tasks. This too by overlooking the danger that it poses to the life of any on present near it or are working in the site on a regular basis.

Whether you hire it or have it on your own Crane Hire Company Melbourne do make sure that you are fully aware of the safety precautions that need to be taken. But being stuck in the work and daily deadlines can make the crane condition such that they become susceptible to harming men at work.

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If you haven’t known some of the important things that you need to take into consideration here:

An Expert Crane Operator

Leaving it on an amateur or having an expert crane operator who would you prefer? Operating a crane is a task that requires skill. Not just for lifting the load more precisely but to make sure that while lifting nothing goes wrong. They are also aware of the safety precautions that need to be taken.

Ensure The Proper Functioning of Crane’s Lifting Attachments

The reason for many accidents is this. Broken, cracked, corroded, lacks lubrication, bent, are at stress and more could be the condition of the lifting attachments. This could lead to either non-functioning of the lifting attachment or dropping the load mid-way. The latter could be fatal.  

Make Sure Crane Is Not Overloaded

Most people who have lost their lives in an accident related to cranes get hurt due to the sudden dropping of the load. A reason that you should never take the load capacity of the crane lightly.  Know the specific lifting capacity and abide by the urgency. You cannot lose a life over just the need to compete for a task or lack of knowledge.  

Make Daily Checks A Habit

Pre checks before starting the day are a must to ensure that the crane is good to go for the day. Oil levels, fuel level, tyre pressure, safety system, turn signals, horn, pressure gauge, the functionality of the control board, lifting attachments and more. A habit like that not just ensures the smooth functioning of the crane throughout the day but also avoids any mishap due to the malfunctioning of any of these. 

Avoid Use of Crane during Rush Hours

Undertaking the operation that requires the use of a crane when there are a lot of workers around working could pose more danger. They become more likely to get hurt by any mishap. Taking such a risk is not worth the work that you need to complete.  Instead assigning the task of the cranes in an hour of the day when the presence of the workers is lesser is a wise decision that you would make.


Knowledge of safety and precaution are the keys when it comes to workplaces that have a crane. You can get more knowledge either by reading blogs like this or just give a call to Mobile Crane Melbourne and just ask them. 

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