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How To Get The Best Paint Protection On Your Car?

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In an average lifetime, drivers spend around one-third of their waking hours in a vehicle. Regardless of type, every motorist has some level of importance placed on the condition and appearance of their automobile. Protect your investment with an easy-to-apply paint protection system that lasts!

The Best Protection For Your Car is to give attention to Car Exterior

Most people think when they buy a new car that it is completely safe to body paint on the outside. The color isn’t going to fade or chip, and it looks so amazing! That’s not actually true. You need protection for your car in order for it to stay durable. Even though most automotive companies make every effort for their cars not to suffer from paint damage, these few accidents happen all the time. By being wise about your choices when you paint your own car, you’ll be able to get the best business like the quality of protection for a decent price.

Car Exterior

Why Car Companies Aren’t Wearing Their Own Paint

The American Automobile Association conducted a study in 2011 that found that nearly 90% of the paint chips on cars were made by exterior paint. The cost for the repair of these defects can cost anywhere from $30 to as high as $6000 depending on the type of defect. When a car looks dirty car needs to be washed.

What Paint Types Are Available?

There are a few different types of paint that protect your car. The most popular option includes a clear bra, which is applied to each panel of the exterior paint. This means that it’s completely encapsulated by two or more pieces of plastic before the actual paint is added. Epoxy coatings may be applied to your car’s entire exterior and interior surfaces. While these applications provide long-lasting protection, they are not quite as cheap as clear bra protection so professionals may recommend this type of application.

Different Types of Protection

There are three different types of protection on any car, durable paint, cosmetic paint, and ceramic paint. The durable paint is the way to go when you’re buying a new car because it helps protect the car from a smash or curb to avoid stone chips and scuffs that happen over time from scraping on cobblestones. Cosmetic paint can also be applied and protects your daily driver against scratches and scrapes that may seem minor but will get worse as time goes on. Ceramic Paint is even better than polymer coating because it wasn’t created by man.

Car Exterior

When To Apply for Paint Protection

People who would like to find the best protection for their cars might want to shop in a place like Paint Protection Depot. This company not only has a plethora of different types of paint protection but also provides installation services so people can feel safe driving their cars on the roads with this protection. They recently installed a Tesla model and loved the results.

Using a Professional to Apply Your Paint Withheld

When you’re looking for Car Exterior or potential paint damage, it’s important to use a professional as they’re trained to properly use the paints and tools needed. They know how to apply paint correctly and can bring a variety of paints in order to match any model.

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