Ifetch Too

Ifetch Too: The Perfect Playtime Pal For Your Pet!


Have you ever played fetch with your dog and wished it was more fun? Well, the Ifetch Too Fetch Toy is here to change all that! It’s the perfect way to get your pet involved in an activity they love while also providing you with hours of entertainment.

From kicking it around on land to throwing it into a lake or pool, this toy has endless possibilities for playtime between pet and owner.

Ifetch Too is the perfect playtime pal for your dog and cat.

Ifetch Too is the perfect playtime pal for your dog and cat. This innovative toy allows you to throw a ball, then watch as your pet races after it!

The Ifetch Too has been designed with heavy-duty plastic that’s durable enough to withstand even the roughest of play sessions (and even those times when your furry friend decides he’d rather chew on the toy than fetch). It comes in three different sizes to fit dogs of all sizes: small, medium or large–so whether you have a dainty poodle or a hulking Great Dane at home, there’s an option for everyone!

This fetch toy can be thrown, kicked, and even used as a tug toy!

It’s easy to see why the Ifetch Too is such a popular dog toy. It can be used in so many ways!

Ifetch Too

  • Throw it: You can throw the ball on its rope, or even kick it if you’re feeling particularly energetic.
  • Tug it: Attach one end of the rope to yourself and have your pooch pull on the other end for hours of fun tugging action. Remember that this toy isn’t designed for aggressive play, though–if your dog starts biting down hard on either side of their mouth or growling at other dogs who come too close during playtime (or people), then it might be time for a break from this game until things calm down again.
  • Use as a fetching device: Attach one end of the rope around something sturdy like an old tire swing set post or tree branch so that when thrown upward into air its weight causes it return back down again–just like any other standard ball would do normally but with more style than ever before possible before now thanks primarily due our patented design.

The large size is great for big dogs and small dogs. The large size is also great for big cats, small cats and even rabbits! It’s even a perfect fit for guinea pigs!

The Ifetch Too’s large size will hold up to all kinds of dog breeds, small or large!

Ifetch Too is sure to provide hours of entertainment for you and your pet.

Ifetch Too is a great way to get your pet active, bond with them and teach them how to play. It’s also an entertaining toy for when you’re at home and need something for your dog or cat to do while you are busy doing other things.

The toy comes in two sizes, small and large. It’s made of a durable nylon material that can withstand even the roughest playtime with your pet. The ball is also super easy to clean if it becomes dirty or covered in hair.


Ifetch Too is a great toy for your pet, and it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. The large size will hold up to all kinds of dog breeds, small or large!

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