Is Quality Important To Buy Sunglasses? Features To Look In Sunglasses!


Would you like to stay in the house in the darkroom to avoid sun rays & skin tanning? We always want to
flaunt boldly in style (correct me if I’m wrong!). So, what’s the way to get both; style and protection?
Simple answer! SUNGLASSES. But, is it a necessity to buy quality sunglasses instead of random or cheap
ones? You’ll get all the answers in this blog. What makes ray ban hexagonal sunglasses the most adopted

Before going onto the blog aim, let me ask you a question; what is your motive of buying a pair of
sunglasses? Only for UV rays protection or wish to have a unique & trendy look? Whatever reason you
have, but at any cost style should not be hampered. I personally don’t want to compromise on style,
comfort, and protection.

Thus, before buying your Ray Ban Sunglasses, you should ponder on below things for the better purchase.

Effect of UV rays

We are well aware of the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin but, there are many people who don’t
know about the damage sun rays cause to eyes. Let me tell you that a long term of exposure to the sun can
cause eye disorders like skin cancer, blindness, and cataracts. However, short term exposure can burn the
eye lens surface. A good quality sunglasses can block certain percent of radiation. Below are a few features
you should find in the sunglass pair.

  • The big frame is in high trend

You should always consider buying oversize glasses which help cut down on UV entering around eyes.
Through this way, you can showcase both; style & protection.

  • A comfortable pair of sunglasses

The pair of sunglass you buy should fit on your face completely. Sunglasses should fit and make a better
look as it affects the UV rays. A completely fit sunglasses is must because it should not be too tight or
uncomfortable. The lens centre should be a line up with the eye centre and the frame should not be too

  • UV rays protection

Now, I hope it is clear to you that sunglasses can give UV rays protection but it is important to know what
you should look in the pair while buying one. This is why you should ensure that sunglasses should offer
100 percent UV rays protection.

  • The tint of the sunglass

You might know that different lens tints filter light in a different way. If the sunglass is tinted with grey
colour then it reduces brightness without colour distortion and makes them good while driving. Also,
brown and amber lenses reduce glare and light.

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