Is your child actually school ready?


Are you aware of child readiness?  Child readiness is an essential part of the kid’s growth and development.  Before sending the kids directly to the school, it is important to know whether your child is really ready to adapt the school knowledge. Almost within 3 to 4 years, every kid becomes capable enough to understand and learn new things. If you are planning to enrol your kid in primary school, then this blog is for you. It’s better to consult the School Readiness Caroline Springs experts to analyse your kid correctly for healthy school life.

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There are various skills that are important for the growth of the child and it affects the overall personality and development of the kid. Experts claim kids that were mentally ready for school were allowed to learn things more properly as compared to other children.

Tutors St AlbansSo, how do you know whether your kid is school ready or not?

School readiness has various levels to monitor different skills and behaviour. Below are some essential factors to be considered for school readiness.

  • Social skill

It is important to know whether your kid is capable enough to socialise with other people and other children. It includes basic manners and communication, how to treat others and many other social skills.

  • Emotional maturity

School life can be stressful especially when going for the first time as the environment differs from home.  Emotional maturity refers to being able to understand the teacher’s behaviour and cope up with the homework stress and other school environments. Sometimes emotional maturity can get worse when a child is not ready to learn and cope up with the stress.

  • Language skills

Language skills are basically a communication skill that plays a crucial role. It includes understanding the way other people talk and other socializing behaviour. 

  • Cognitive Skills

Small kids are not capable enough to understand some languages and this might lead to questions such as why and much more. Thinking skill plays a vital role in overall personality development. Enhanced thinking skills will lead to good turning points and better learning. 

  • Physical health and coordination

Obviously, health is the main factor. The child should be socially, emotionally, and physically strong enough to cope with the school environment, other kids in class and teachers of the school.

  • Independence

The skills like toilet, dressing, unpacking lunch and many more are to be done independently without anyone’s help.  Keeping the essential factors are important factors because the learning and overall future depend on this skill. 

Winding-up: going to school doesn’t have to be stressful, going school for the first time is tough for every kid but school readiness makes the journey easier. There are various tutors and coaching centres that have school readiness programmes to train and prepare the kids for going school happily.  You can consult the educated Tutors St Albans to know more about the school readiness programme and its importance.

Hope you found the above information useful to know the school readiness of your kids and make the right decision.


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