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Know how islam finance supports social justice


Majority of people are not aware about islam religion and its other controversies. Over the last decade, the Islamic finance industry has grown at a ten to twelve percent annual rate. The rejection of payment and receipt of “interest” is a key component of the islam finance system.

All religious and realistic elements of existence are aptly blanketed with the aid of using injunctions of Islam. The number one supply of Islamic legal guidelines and instructions are phrases of Holy Quran and traditions of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Whereas Islam talks approximately different fields of existence and human dealings and their public relationships, identical area it speaks approximately monetary subjects of Muslims. 

  • Islam has blanketed all feasible capabilities of finance like provisions, practices, sale, contract, Tarde, commerce, and different monetary dealing in keeping with teachings of Holy Quran and the practices of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). 
  • Not handiest banking however additionally different phase like capital, markets concerning capital and different forms of monetary problems also are blanketed with the aid of using Islamic Finance. Some capabilities of Islamic finance are equivalent to western machine of finance however a few traits of Islamic finance are handiest connected with Islamic finance machine. According to Islam, a few sports of western finance machine are in legitimate and identified void. Thus, it proves that Islamic legal guidelines are like minded for business fields additionally. There are various critical capabilities of Islamic finance that everyone should be aware of! 
  • Islamic Finance merchandise and rulings are primarily based totally on a few precise injunctions from the Quran that prohibits sure capabilities in terms of monetary transactions and monetary sports. 
  • Quran forbids managing hobby or usury, consequently in Islamic Financial transactions, lending in hobby is exactly forbidden. The underlying reasoning as in keeping with the students in Islamic Finance is that Islam considers lending as a charitable act to assist some other member of the society in his/her time of need, and making the most of someone`s trouble is exactly forbidden below Sharia. 
  • In the traditional banking machine, whilst hobby is charged on a loan, the danger of that transaction is transferred to the borrower even as the lender enjoys benefit from the hobby primarily based totally transaction without making any attempt or thinking about any trouble persevered with the aid of using the borrower in case he/she has passed through any loss from the transaction. 
  • This is an unfair and unethical shape of transaction which creates inequity in society and creates a debt primarily based totally monetary marketplace in which financiers benefit from sports without generating any real items and offerings withinside the economic system. When a whole machine is primarily based totally on such machine, debt will increase and economic system starts to decrease even as wealthy get richer and terrible get poorer.

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