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Is lab created diamonds Real or Not? – Jeweller’s Words


Since years, diamonds are heart-throb of people, especially women. As a well-known jeweller, I can say, lab created diamonds are going to be a trend-setter. The creation has almost taken over the real diamond business. Though, real is real for the reason. But it doesn’t make the CVD diamonds fake or unreal. Of course, selecting a diamond to propose a girl is a big decision.

A silly mistake can make you pay for the entire life. In this between, none of us would like to trap in the fuss. So why are you here? Is the production of Lab Grown Diamonds India overwhelm your choices? Are you feeling confused between the mined one and lab grown? This guide is only for you people, just hold on till the end!

Lab Grown Diamonds India

Why should I trust in lab grown diamonds?

Since there are many reasons that you can trust in the lab grown diamonds. But still, here are few of them you can consider.

  • They have good quality

Lab-grown diamonds are pure than any other diamonds because mined diamonds have many impurities like dirt and small particles. Also, they come up with a defective piece. The diamonds are having pure quality means that they come up whiter, and brighter.

  • They come up at an affordable price

What would be better? Buying budget-breaking diamonds or buying cost-effective diamonds having the same quality and cheaper rates. Well, let me tell you that lab grown diamonds come up in a purest form and it would be easy to find them out with stylish design, and attractive ranges.

  • They are having a guilt-free composition

If it comes to mine diamonds, then they are having their own journey. Real diamonds take more time to get pure because, they come up with so many impurities. That is the reason, you should seek for the lab grown ones as they are made up in the laboratory with multiple chemical procedures. And, experts assure that lab grown come up with less impurities with compare to real diamonds.

  • The range of diamonds are eco-friendly
Lab Grown Diamonds

When it comes to invest money on a diamond-like purchase, everyone wants it to be environmental friendly. And, lab grown are not burdened on the environment. Most of the diamonds are having renewable energy. The procedure of lab grown isn’t harmed any animals, humans, or plants in the process. This makes it perfect for selling them as a gift to the life partner or you can invest in them easily as they are available at the pocket-friendly amount.

Final thoughts!

Still, there are many reasons that you should invest in lab created diamonds instead of mined/real diamonds. Though, your diamond selection will highly depend upon many factors like your budget, choices, and whom you want to gift the diamonds. At the end, it is up to you what you would like to have. Hope, you like this article. Impress your spouse this valentine season!

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