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Major Car cleaning mistakes you should avoid

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Are you going for car cleaning Christchurch?

If yes, read this blog and discover some major mistakes people have been making for years while cleaning their vehicle.

Read ahead!

Soap quality

The key to satisfying car wash near me the soap quality. You just can’t use any random soap or cleaner for cleaning your car. There are specialised cleaning products that you can find online or offline. It’s better to use these products than to use any over-the-counter cleaner. Some people even use shampoo for cleaning their car, which is not doing any good to your vehicle.


Don’t wash in direct sunlight

You might have seen many people cleaning their car in direct sunlight. We even have seen numerous movie scenes in which girls are car washing in the direct sunlight. This isn’t as good as it looks. Sunlight can damage your car’s paint and will even make some stains stay on your vehicle permanently.

So choose a shady place to wash your car.


A couple of buckets

Some people use the same bucket for soap and rinsing water. The dirt and dust can set to the surface of the bucket, which you just removed from the car with your cleaning cloth. When you throw the soapy water and fill the bucket with clean water, the dirt remains on the bottom of the bucket no matter what. So you will be throwing the same dirt on your car while using such water.

Bottom-up is the best

Many people start cleaning from the top of the car to the bottom. One must never follow this technique as it will let some remaining on the vehicle.

Start cleaning from the tires and wheels. This way, you will not splash the dirt on the clean parts of the car.


Don’t use a regular towel to dry the car

Are you using a random towel for drying the vehicle? There are many great microfibers towels out there that will soak the water droplets in no time. This is the best way to dry out your car quickly. So if you don’t have a microfiber towel, buy one.

Dirt transfer

Using different towels is as important as using a microfiber towel. Those who use the same towel for drying the car will end-up redoing cleaning because a towel can easily transfer dirt. So if you want the dirt not to be transferred to the other parts of the vehicle, use more than one microfibre towels.


It’s harmful to apply wax or polish on the exterior of the car

Not many people know that applying wax or polish directly on a vehicle’s surface will damage the paint. You will notice some dark spots on the surface of your vehicle when you apply the wax or polish on the vehicle directly on a regular basis.


Choose moderate wax

If you want to use wax on your car, just one coat is enough. The excessive wax coating might get wiped away when you will rinse the vehicle.

If you are not sure about the car cleaning to want better results from the cleaning, hire the professionals of Car cleaning Christchurch and let them handle everything for you.

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