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Residential Renovations- The Three Golden Rules

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An experienced custom home builder Melbourne-wide will comprehend your overwhelming feelings when undertaking a home renovation or extension project.

Design and aesthetics, sourcing suitable materials, obtaining permits and coordinating trades within a limited budget can become quite taxing even for seasoned renovators. We understand that complexities often accompany renovations, so here we have given you three golden rules that guarantee success in almost every scenario.


Your budget is the first question a custom home builder Melbourne-wide will ask you for a renovation project. The bottom line for practically any home repair project is financed, so the first step should always be to decide on a realistic budget. Having a clear picture of what you can afford comfortably will make it much easier for you to make a feasible renovation plan.

Therefore, it is always best to engage experienced builders Ivanhoe to accurately budget your renovations at an early stage. Experience enables them to efficiently comprehend the cost of construction and give an idea of what is achievable in your budget. Also, if you are taking a loan for your project, be sure to approach the bank before commencing the work.

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Once you have agreed on the budget, it is time to start working on your ideas to make them real. For this, you need a competent architect. Now choosing the architect is very crucial, and you should choose one who is experienced and understands your vision. A good architect will give equal importance to both design and functionality while always keeping your budget at the top of his mind. You should also keep an open mind for new ideas and fearlessly push the design envelope.

It is very easy to get side-tracked and leave the budget behind. Being on the same page as your architect will significantly improve your budget’s design prospects and increase the chances of hitting the design mark on the first try. This will also reduce the risk of overcapitalizing the value of your property.


The most well-devised renovation plans are useless if your builder doesn’t have the skills to implement them. Ideally, you should look for a builder with experience, especially in projects like yours. His knowledge, skills and experience can do wonders for your designs. Many quality builders can handle the entire project on their own, from accurately pricing the project to sourcing materials and obtaining building permits.

They can oversee the project from beginning to end and ensure that everything runs on schedule. Getting such a builder will remove considerable stress from your shoulders and leave you with a pleasurable renovation experience.


Keeping the points mentioned above in mind before hiring a custom home builder Melbourne-wide will likely give you a successful project.

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