If you have ever gone for diamond shopping, you may know how it could be complicated to select the right piece of it among different eye-captive products. If you believe in trends, I would like to introduce you with lab created diamonds to increase your diamond business. So, no one would trust me without knowing, what is lab-grown diamonds are? Thus, I will answer all your question in this quick guide!

First & foremost, what is lab grown diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds India and earth-grown diamonds share the same characteristics. And, anyone could identify the difference with the naked eyes. So what would be the difference between these two? A significant difference among this both is the creative process and the rarity or scarcity. A scientific definition of lab-grown diamond is, “Lab diamonds are made from carbon atoms that are arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure, and they are made of the same material as natural diamonds.” But, the truth is, lab created diamonds aren’t fake, they have the same chemical and physical characteristics. They shine just like a natural diamond which can attract any diamond lover easily!

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Fascinating Factors Of Lab-Grown Diamonds

  • Essentially, Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds, but they can be detected easily and they are not identical. Although the shine is the same, the only difference is where they come from.
  • A Gemological lab can certify Lab-grown diamonds by following the same criteria used for grading naturally mined diamonds.
  • You can purchase Lab-grown diamonds with few months of savings as it is available at a fraction of the price. Even, you can buy a bigger diamond for the same investment.
  • The process of creating a Lab-grown diamond takes just three months. On another hand, traditional diamonds take thousands of years to form.

A Buzz Is, Are lab-created diamonds real ones?

Of course! Because the only thing that can make them apart from natural diamonds is, the origin (the process). A lab-grown diamond is created inside a lab with the help of sharp equipment, skills, and technology that replicates the process of natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are not fake, but they have the same chemical as well as physical properties of an earth-grown or man-mined diamonds.

Lab created diamonds versus Mined diamonds

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With the trend, lab-grown diamonds are trending nowadays, and it became difficult for people to choose between lab-grown and mined diamonds. After all, it depends on your choice, budget, and many other things and everyone wants to buy a product that holds quality plus, significance. Also, many other people think of buying lab-grown diamonds and portray themselves as a cool & trendy individual. All I want to say is, whatever you choose you should always check its significance and quality because it matters the most when you are going to make such a purchase. Right?

I’m done, it’s your turn!

As said above whether you choose lab created diamonds or man mined diamonds, this guide can always be your best companion whenever you feel confused regarding the quality of the product. Make a smart purchase by selecting a quality product! Remember- Quality over quantity always!

 Source: What Do You Need to Know About Lab Created Diamonds

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