What Do You Need to Know About Invoice Factoring Companies?


You’re a small business owner. You’re doing all you can to keep things running smoothly and to grow your company. But there are always some extra bills that you can’t quite cover. What do you do? You may have heard of invoice factoring, but you’re not sure what it is or if it’s the right choice for you. We’ll explain what invoice factoring is and how it can help your business.

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring Australia is a type of financing that companies use to get paid faster. When a company sells an invoice to a factoring company, the factoring company pays the company immediately (less any fees). The factoring company then collects the invoice from the customer. This process allows companies to get paid more quickly (and sometimes before they’ve even delivered the product or service).

Is invoice factoring the same as getting a loan?

Factoring and lending are two different ways to get cash for your company. With invoice factoring, the company sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to the invoice factoring Australia in exchange for immediate cash. The factor then collects from the customer on behalf of the company. This is a relatively easy process that can provide a business with the money it needs quickly. 

However, there are some drawbacks. First, the company is selling its invoices at a discount (usually around 70% of the total invoice amount). Second, there is usually a monthly fee associated with using an invoice factoring company. Finally, not all businesses are eligible for invoice factoring – you usually need to have a healthy credit history and good credit score.

invoice factoring australiaHow does invoice factoring work?

Factoring invoices is a process where a company sells an invoice or accounts receivable to a third party at a discount. The third party then becomes the creditor of the company until the invoice is paid in full. This can be a great option for businesses who need quick cash to cover expenses, but it’s important to do your research and compare offers from different invoice factoring companies.

Is the money from invoice factoring taxable?

One of the questions we often hear from business owners is whether or not the money they receive from invoice factoring companies is taxable. The answer is, unfortunately, it depends on the individual circumstances. Generally speaking, if a business is selling goods or services to another business, the income generated from that transaction would be considered taxable. However, if a business is selling goods or services to consumers, the income generated would not be taxable. It’s important to speak with an accountant or tax specialist to get an accurate determination, as this can be a complicated topic.

Factoring invoices can be a valuable source of extra cash for businesses, but it’s important to understand how it works before you decide if it’s the right option for you. Factoring companies can be a great resource for businesses that need a short-term cash infusion, but it’s important to make sure you understand the fees involved and compare multiple options before choosing a company.

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