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What is a Cavity or Tooth Decay? Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment


Hello mommies! I’m also one from you – A concerned mom and health-conscious instructor. Once my 10 years old champ told me, “mom, I have pain in my tooth & I am unable to chew properly” – At a very next moment I told him to open the mouth & after looking at the teeth, I was like “AARG!” because his teeth were turned into black colour. And, I contacted the best dentist in Ahmedabad to bring him out from the pain & make his oral health, sweet smile, more sweeter!

I asked for the dental implants in Ahmedabad approach but the famous dentist has made me calm by ensuring that my champ still has baby teeth so no need to worry much and she had shared few basics that every mom should know for teeth betterment. Here. I am sharing! Please co-operate!

Let’s start with the basic of cavity (a nightmare for every mom! Indeed)

The name itself says everything because cavity means, you get from tooth decay or in simple language, tooth damage. Though, tooth decay can affect both of the layers; inner layer and outer layer. The inner layer is called dentin and outer layer called enamel in dental language. In simple language, tooth decay is the softening of outer teeth layer called enamel and damage the whole structure that are created when plaque break the mouth sugar.

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If you ignore them untreated then it may ruin the whole tooth. According to many parents, only children get cavities or tooth decay but no, it’s wrong. With the time, adults are prone to the same problem. So, it is better to be careful at the first place. As you get older, your gums will get affected and pull away from the teeth.   

Signs and symptoms of cavity

Well, signs vary from person to person and problem to problem but mainly, when you are a beginner for the cavity problem then, you won’t have any basic symptoms. Consider a few signs and symptoms,

  • If you are having brown, white, or black stains on the tooth surface
  • You may feel pain while biting or chewing
  • Toothache when you will have pain without any reason
  • If you are having tooth sensitivity
  • If you are having hole or pit in between teeth
  • Pus is the most serious issue and you need to consult the best dentist for recovery

Causes of tooth decay

  • Due to poor hygiene health
  • Unhealthy drinking, eating, & smoking habit
  • Overuse of medicines or medical infection
  • Plaque growth

Tooth decay treatment procedure

Even the healthy-looking teeth get affected by pus, cavity, or tooth decay issues. So, you should regularly consult the dentist for a routine check-up. The treatment for cavity or tooth decay issue is, filling which can be composite with silver, gold, amalgam, or porcelain.

Over to you!

What are you waiting for? Before it become risky to your kid, you should consult the best dentist in Ahmedabad once in 6 months at least. Have a beautiful smile! Keep smiling!

Source: Signs & Symptoms You Should Know About Tooth Decay

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