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What kinds of fireplaces are there on the market?


Initially, fireplaces provided heat for cooking and kept the house warm. Fireplaces Australia maintained the same basic design for thousands of years. The idea of raising the wood heaters on a grate improved the fireplace’s heat capacity in the 16th century. 


Hardly anyone knows chimneys these days. Although Fireplaces in Australia were discovered hundreds of years ago, they are also excellent objects of use and elegance in modern times. One of the main reasons for this is that the chimneys formed over time and never remained rigid. 

Fireplaces are now available with expanded options and features to suit any design or lifestyle requirement. The following fireplaces are the most popular: 

  •  Wood-burning Fireplaces 

 Wood-burning fireplaces are brick or factory-made. Fire bricks, cinder blocks, clay fireplace liners, and bricks or stones, depending on the environment, are used to construct brick fireplaces. Brick fireplaces generally include a stove, mantel, grate, firebox, and hatch. The fireplace inserts are manufactured externally and are easier to install. The fireplace inserts feature a lightweight, easy-to-install double-walled steel fireplace.

  •  Gas Fireplaces 

 Gas Fireplaces are available in a variety of styles to meet all decorating needs. There are three main types of gas fireplaces: direct vent, ventless, and inserts. Gas fireplaces can be double-sided or have any unique shape to make a design statement for a space. Since gas fires have electronic ignition, some have remote controls or thermostats to create a comfortable room temperature. 

  •  Ventless fireplaces

 Ventless fireplaces offer more significant opportunities to place fireplaces in rooms that do not have access to an exterior wall or fireplace. Ventless chimneys are highly efficient as no heat is lost through the combustion gases. The room, on the other hand, provides the oxygen required for combustion. Direct exhaust chimneys use outside air for combustion. This type of fireplace has the option of venting to the outside through a wall instead of a chimney, which reduces installation effort. 

  •  Pellet Fireplaces 

Pellet fireplaces have become increasingly popular as a source of heat for a room due to the improved efficiency of a pellet fire over a traditional wood fire. Pellet fireplace inserts are available for new installations and retrofits to older brick fireplaces. Pellet fireplaces offer the advantage of controlled combustion using pellets, which are fed into the combustion chamber through a funnel. 

  •  Electric fireplaces 

For a comfortable and straightforward installation, electric fireplaces offer new alternatives. The contemporary electric fireplaces have a fire that appears more realistic than in previous models. Most electric fireplaces have built-in electric heaters to provide heat to a room. 

  • Gel Fireplaces 

A vented gel fireplace offers the possibility of a real fire with the portability of an electric fireplace. Gel fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular with buyers who want a real fire but want the ease and portability of an electric fireplace. 

Several modern Fireplaces in Australia used today includes gas, electric, wall, exhaust and portable fireplaces. This isn’t to say that traditional wood heaters are obsolete; they’re still manufactured because they’re in high demand. Choose wisely the best fireplace for your needs.

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